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About me

About me

A Husband, Father, and Servant Leader

I was born to Haitian parents in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. I grew up in Montreal, and in Ottawa, Ontario, the nation's Capital, until I went away to school in the Niagara Region in Southern Ontario. There, I met my wife, and we had our two daughters. A few years ago, my wife and I relocated our family to Ottawa where I now serve as the Chief Information Officer at Library and Archives Canada, the federal government institution tasked with acquiring, preserving, and providing access to Canada's documentary heritage.

I’ve served as an executive for a few other Canadian federal government departments. I was the Chief Information Officer of the National Capital Commission of Canada, the federal Crown corporation dedicated to ensuring that Canada's Capital is a dynamic and inspiring source of pride for all Canadians. I also held leadership roles with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, the regulator of Canada’s banking and insurance industry, and with the Canada Revenue Agency which administers tax, benefits, and related programs. And before joining the federal government, I worked in the information technology industry as a consultant, project manager, marketer, salesperson, and business leader.

I'm deeply committed to community service and to making a positive contribution to the world around me. I’ve served as youth leader and elder in churches in Niagara and Ottawa, inspired audiences through public speaking at venues big and small, mentored, and coached one-on-one, and distributed more bag lunches, hygiene kits and winter items than I can count.

Despite a prolific career in Tech, you could say I’m still old school in some ways. I was raised in an era before the Internet was made public and when self-promotion was seen as crass. I’m at my best with people when I can take the time needed in a physical space to build real connections through meaningful conversations. Fleeting, superficial exchanges exhaust me. Though you wouldn't know it by watching me in a crowd, I'm actually an introvert. I’ve maintained a relatively low online presence, by today's standards, throughout my adult life. So why did I create this website, and why now?

I created this website for the same reason I wrote my book Dad’s Car Rides: my girls. This book is a collection of lessons to teach them to have pride in their work, to live rich and fulfilling lives while improving others’, to show up in their world and to take their place in it. Well…their world includes the Internet, and since I try to teach by example, this is me showing up 😊! You'll find a bit of everything on here, covering various aspects of my life's journey that I want them to learn from and remember. I hope you pick up a few gems too. Thank you for your time and attention!

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Charlie Louis calendar_today

Great job my brother!

Being parents to two daughters too, my husband and I are looking forward to picking some gems for our family through your book and blogs. Thanks for sharing 🙏🏽


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