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Video course: Long-Distance Real Estate Investing in Canada

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A no-frills guide on how to buy and manage rental properties without a property manager while working a 9 to 5 job. Over 3 hours of video content covering:

  • Discovering Your "Why": Key Questions for Self-Reflection
  • Choosing Your Investment Entity: Individual, Company, or Syndication?
  • Mastering Essential Purchasing Strategies
  • Selecting Ideal Locations for Real Estate Investment
  • Navigating Residential Property Types
  • Strategies for Property Discovery and Acquisition
  • Understanding the Costs of Property Purchase
  • Smart Approaches to Secure Downpayments
  • Learn from Experience: Insights for Future Choices
  • Property Evaluation Scenarios: A Practical Guide
  • Financial Analysis of Real Estate Deals: Underwriting Skills
  • Remote Property EvaluationĀ 
  • Mastering Price Negotiation and Financing Strategies
  • Navigating the Purchase Process: Legal and Closing Considerations
  • Efficient Tenant Onboarding Strategies
  • Effectively Finding and Screening New Tenants
  • Unit Turnover Strategies: Minimizing Vacancy Impact
  • Effective Property Renovation and Repair Management
  • Day-to-Day Property Management: Handling Challenges
  • Dealing with Challenging Tenants: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Mastering the Art of Property Refinancing
  • Tackling Challenges in Real Estate Investment
  • Building Systems and Leveraging Resources
  • Building and Managing a Remote Team for Success
  • Group InvestmentĀ Strategies
  • And more